Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ja's Profile

Personal Information

Name: Chayaphon Banchongsilpa
Address: 700/1 Dindang Raod, Phayathai,
Bangkok 10400
Birthday: 17/11/1980
Hobby: Modified car and Surfing internet
Others: Big Dick


High School:
- Havelock North High School, New Zealand
Diploma Degree:
- Auckland AIT, New Zealand
Bachelor Degree:
- Communication Arts, Dhuraketbandit University, Bangkok
Master Degree:
- Arts, Pratt, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Second Master Degree Advanced:
- Communication Arts, Dhuraketbandit University, Bangkok

  • Ja was a one year(exactly) student at Grade 10, IMP.
  • He was the lead of the bad boy team at G.10 (and also lead them out of Saint John's)
  • His name was Anuch (ฉายา อมนุษย์) as we've known.
  • It seems right now he has the HIGHEST Education among the bad boys team, even me writing this Blog for you guys.

1 comment:

A said...

Oct was in Brooklyn when you were there at Pratt. Did you ever know your friend were there in the same city with you?

I guess you two never met while you were in US. haha