Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oct, Ubonwan - Brooklyn NY

This is Oct , Ubonwan Yimsiriwattana
You can look me up in the yearbook, I was in the same year as Sa,Noon,Aom,Pu and Ya
I was also on that Yearbook pic with Lukpla (Wisa) and Por (Thanjira)
and Pat was there too
Anyway this is me if you have a myspace, www.myspace.com/mdnoir

My first name is : Pure
Lastname : Meow
I have an obsession with cats.
I've got a tons.. and i've changed a LOT since highschool (><) and no i don't have any BAD looking photos >< I can't help it that i look good behind the camera lol
If you need more info my aim is deangelee and my msn is digitalkitty@msn.com
Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Oct was a very cute gal that we had while we were at IMP.
  • She was a pure mind and innocent (a-no-ne), never never went out on a date even though she was old enough.
  • I believe her skin was white and look alike "อาหมวย" at that time but.. that was 10 years ago... look at who we have here LOLLLL!! Gotta be too much Sun in New York..??
  • Ever want to go to New York, why don't you give her a visit. She is running a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY 11223. Contact her in person if you want the exact address.


A said...

Nice to have you back!!

noon said...

Oh I still hurt ma mouth shit! But nice to saw all of u there na ja..

A said...

she reminds me of Michael Jackson, Black or White