Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Noon's Profile

  • Here comes another IMP's member. Noon
  • Noon was like our big sister for the IMP's gals. Everything that the 16 years old gal doesn't know, she does....(positive way, Sister ACT for example)
  • Noon is a outgoing person, more like a party gal.
  • Noon has a tan skin but for somehow she is very attractive for the white guy (อาตี๋ type). This might cause by something called Yin-Yang.
  • She wants me to mention you a big noticed that she is SINGLE!!

Noon asked me for the exception to post these good looking pix of her. The reason was "Because She is SINGLE!!" and she will still be if she post the funny looked pictures....
I had no better reasons to argued with her, so I had to let this one passed.


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