Monday, September 8, 2008

Nike Space by ARTmoney

  • A, ART, PAT, Shane, went out for bowling at Esplanade on August 2008.
  • PAT is (now) a party girl, she felt like
  • "why can't we have some dance instead of this Boring Bowling?" (but actually it was her idea to come here (-.-)
  • A is wearing a Sandal, just only the thing on your feet, they will judge you differently from the people who's wearing a SHOE.
  • Art-ma-ni came up with an idea and finally got me inside the club but still wearing that Cheap Sandal.
  • It called the "Nike Space", The Shoe was perfect but a little slippery which is quite good with dancing.
  • The sign said "No Sandals are allowed inside the club" but ..uhh...I just did it.
Low (Travis Barker Remix) - Flo Rida

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