Thursday, December 25, 2008

Similar but different 23/11/08

  • A, Bomb, Shane, Pong went to Visit Aom@Suttisarn ซ.จิ๊ปดำริห์ on 23/11/08
  • Aom was so energetic like usual. She's now can talk faster and more than before
  • Right now, she weight only 31kg or 68.2 pounds with a non-straight backbone which really coz her pain 24 hrs. a day.

  • We talked mostly about dirty jokes and how do we live our life as a person without the cancer and give her some laughs.
  • Bomb told her about "How he got hooked up with his current girlfriend" which is more like an accident to him.
  • A told her about "How to get laid and how to pick on the chicks" but most of the time he did not succeed.
  • Pong told her about "His trip to Singapore" which is really cool for a business manager like him.
  • Aom told us about "She's getting bored of taking the medication" coz there is so many people giving her all the things to take to hope she will get better. She'd prefer taking 1 pill a day like livin in the space with NASA.
  • Shane was taking the pictures for us and only share us the laughed.


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