Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Reminder : Pete's Wedding on July 25th,2009

  • Hey!! you IMPerz, a reminder this coming SAT 25th July, 2009 is the last Single day for Pete (wedding date, you know what I mean?)
  • I know some of you do not forget but do you have the right dress or suit for the wedding yet?
  • There're still sometime to prepare before this Saturday.
  • Don't forget to show up in the wedding and Don't forget!!! to show up in Pete's Wedding ok?

Date : July 25th, 2009
Place : Four Season (Old Regent)
Reminder : Walk-in with Gifts and Blessing wishes
Look for :

Pakawat Chillananda's Wedding

PS. someone bring the camera and take lotz of pictures, both individual + group and send them to me after the wedding alright (please)?


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