Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I just woke up from a very strange dream....

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I just woke up from a very strange dream.I need to type it out while it's still fresh in my memory.I tried to Log in my msn to tell A,but it couldn't log in msn.
Lastnight I went to sleep around 2am.This is my one and only dream lastnight.

I was walking around in Manhattan, like a usual saturday, i decided to walk in to this building.Inside, it was a furniture store. I walked further in too the back of the store. and there was an office.I walked in to the office. In the very back. I saw the familiar faces. I saw Aom, sitting there singing.Without a doubt, i ran to her.I cried. She asked me why i was crying. I told her that I'm just so happy to see her. I'm overwhelmed.I asked her how she gets here. and when did she get here. She told me that she came to NYC because it's colder than Bangkok, and she wants to travel. I was shocked to see her and A, i did even say it in my dream that. AHH no wonder you guys came online at such od! d hours.So she asked me about my life here in nyc, since she hasnt seen me in forever. We talked for hours. I showed her the hat i knitted, and I told her that i'm going to make her a hat. She's so beautiful and happy in my dream. We didn;'t get to say goodbye, I woke up before I could have said anything.

Friends. Please add me to your msn. ....... please. I
i need to speak to someone I'm so worried right now. Also prior to this dream. I've been so busy with work. I havent get the time to check this site until after i woke up from this dream today.
please someone talk to me

I also just recently cut my hair short. I donated it all.

They use hair to make wigs for kids with cancer. This was 3 weeks ago. I thought I'd "Tam - Boon"on behalf of Aom.
:D so some kids will be very happy.


A wrote

I'll re-post your story again on the main page, so ppl can read them easily

the hair donation that you have done there cannot possibly be done in BKK, nice of you

about your dream is even more interesting, i'll figure it out what it means, i have told Aom your last story but she has no comment on it

Do you remember that you have some kind of CYST (Important!! Plz click so, you'll learn what it is) on the LEFT side of your neck, do you remember that actually you've never told me which side it was.....i knew that from my dream years ago back in US...

I've heard the name of Nexus b4 but it's kinda differ organization and differ purpose. I'll figure it out why A & Aom appeared in NYC.

you didn't see me online, i'm sorry that i wasn't there in the time you need.



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