Thursday, November 6, 2008

Someone has visited Aom

Pat wrote on
Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 2:20 AM

sorry for being so late..but here it comes,

I had a visit to Aom on november 3rd, got there at bout 2 or 3pm..there i met Aom's mother, i greeted her then i went straight to Aom's bed. Though this is the first time i visited her but my true feeling toward her is that i strongly believe that she will be cured.

Right in front of me, Aom was
unbelievingly looking good. She still looked like that little
Aom running around in St.John's uniform except that
she got abit smaller, her wrists, her arms, her body.
She didn't even show a sign of pain. I think she must be
really taugh, she got all the love from ppl surrounding
her. As i stepped closer to her, the first word she said to me
was "กินไรมายัง" (haf i eaten?) in my mind, i go like..goshhh..
i'm sooo so normal but she was so nice, so concern asking
me to eat. Then i sat down beside her, i asked her permission
if i could hold her hand coz' im so afraid that i could got
her in pain, she said i held her hand for awhile.

All the time i talked to her mom, i recognized that
always kept closing her eyes so i asked if she wanted
to take a rest, she said was just that she would get
dizzy if she opened her eyes for so long. Her mom added
that this was because of the medications the doctor gave.
It would kill the disease but along with it, it would kill
the good cells in her body, too. Aom's mom also added
that tomorrow the doctor would allow her to
go back home. Good for her.

so then this is what i haf to say, i wish her luck in everyway
and once again i want to say that
i still strongly believe that she will be cured..

come back to us, be the same Aom..and whatever it takes,
no matter how long, she will always be loved by all of us.

Patty Pretty


Alisa wrote on Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 12:15 PM

Hey !!!

I forgot to tell you that Pat and I had visited Aom, Inthrarat on 31st Oct la.

Yep!! it's Halloween day!! I brought her some Swiss chocolate (which i bought from France) included with some of my favorite candy, Skittle. I said to her that i wasn't sure that she could eat it right now but she had to try some when she is cured because i do guarantee that
my Swiss chocolate is
very tasty!!

When i arrived there, I didn't meet her mom yet coz she went
down to buy something for her. Aom was resting with
her eyes closed. When she saw Pat and me, many times
that she tried to make some conversation with her eyes closed.
I realized that she was probably tired from having
medications so i had to keep saying that...

"It's ok Aom, you should have some rest na and
i will wait here for your mom"

When i had met and talked with her mom, she
told me that lucky me that today her looks was
really better. I very glad to hear that la...^ ^
Even we didn't talk much after i met her mom,
i knew she was listening to our conversion la coz
she would sometimes answer me something by
herself... I was there not very long coz...

i was afraid that
my voice would bother her sleep
(I hilight this one myself, I know everyone does, A )

so i said goodbye to her and left in 45 mins.
I think it's such a good news to know that doctor
allowed her to go back home coz i remembered
what she told me was

she preferred staying home than the hospital.

I do have some confidence that she will be cured la
and wishing her to try my chocolate soon ^ ^


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