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About me

About me (2006)

Jan 7 09, 3:02 AM

(wrote in 2006)
Hi, this is Kittisak Havanodon 
or you can call me "A" 

I'm from Bangkok,Thailand, 25 years old. I graduated from Althoff Catholic high school in Bellevile,IL in 2000 A.D. 

"2001"- I was first entered the International University in Bangkok for the Business administration degree, studied there for a year. 

"2002" - then moved to the next university and took the Computer programming major but I didn't like it that much. 

"2003-2005" - So, I decided to take several certificate programs around bangkok about how to use Final cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After effects, Flash, and Dreamweaver but still feel like a rookie...... 

"2006" - Finally, I've found the Academy of ART on the Internet and decided to get my degree again and Hopefully the AAU will help me improve my skill and have a better career. 

Right now my Goal is to get my undergraduate degree before the age of 30 and hopefully I can start my own family afterward.


Now September 2009, I don't feel like studying anymore

I just want to complete my to-do list.

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